Box Elder Peak

A quick solo overnighter to summit Box Elder Peak.

Navajo Knobs

Hiking a long awaited destination on Independance Day.

Family Backpacking: Clyde Lake Loop

Going the extra mile with the family to enjoy a beautiful little loop of the Uintas.

Santaquin Peak

A group hike to a beautiful southern wasatch peak.

Memorial Day Weekend

An fun filled memorial day weekend filled with memories and family - past and present.

Backpacking Cassidy Arch

An easy and popular day hike transformed into a backpacking retreat.

Spring Break - Southeast Utah

Exploring ruins, rock art, pioneer history, and visiting four states at once.

Spring Break Recon Trip

Scouting out some destinations with my son for our family's upcoming spring break trip.

Backpacking Cedar Mesa: Road Canyon

A spontaneous trip that was well worth the drive to explore some Cedar Mesa ruins.

Bluff Balloon Fest

Winter camping in the desert with so much more than balloons to see.

Apr 15, 2016

Backpacking Cassidy Arch

Cassidy Arch is among the most popular landmarks to hike to in Capitol Reef National Park. Most people choose to make it a simple day hike considering that it's only about 1.75 miles from the nearest trailhead in Grand Wash.  Jessica and I opted to take a longer way and then spend a night nearby in the Capitol Reef backcountry.

We actually planned to do the loop I did solo last year over two nights while the kids stayed with their grandparents up the road, but the weather forecast gave us cause to make the trip a one night affair instead.  So, we made it an out'n'back trip that featured a visit to Cassidy Arch.

Apr 13, 2016

Spring Break 2016 - Southeast Utah

Once again, we were blessed to take advantage of the kids' spring break from school.  This year's travels would take us to Southeastern Utah where we enjoyed two nights of camping, some hiking, visits to indian ruins, petroglyph panels, a pioneer fort, Four Corners, and more.


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