Box Elder Peak

A quick solo overnighter to summit Box Elder Peak.

Navajo Knobs

Hiking a long awaited destination on Independance Day.

Family Backpacking: Clyde Lake Loop

Going the extra mile with the family to enjoy a beautiful little loop of the Uintas.

Santaquin Peak

A group hike to a beautiful southern wasatch peak.

Memorial Day Weekend

An fun filled memorial day weekend filled with memories and family - past and present.

Backpacking Cassidy Arch

An easy and popular day hike transformed into a backpacking retreat.

Spring Break - Southeast Utah

Exploring ruins, rock art, pioneer history, and visiting four states at once.

Spring Break Recon Trip

Scouting out some destinations with my son for our family's upcoming spring break trip.

Backpacking Cedar Mesa: Road Canyon

A spontaneous trip that was well worth the drive to explore some Cedar Mesa ruins.

Bluff Balloon Fest

Winter camping in the desert with so much more than balloons to see.

Jun 30, 2016

Santaquin Peak

Every now and then I'll join a facebook group hike event.  This was one of them.  I hadn't been up on Santaquin Peak and Loafer Mountain since my high school cross country teammates ran up it for a day's workout while on an annual high elevation camp for our team back in 1999.  This group hike turned out to be an absolutely beautiful hike while getting to know some cool people.

Jun 27, 2016

Provo Peak via Slate Canyon

What started out as a walk around the block turned into a walk up to Slate Canyon Trailhead. That then turned into a walk all the way up Slate Canyon which then turned into a walk all the way up to Provo Peak. Given the distance, elevation gain and heat, it may be the most strenuous single day hike I've ever done.

Jun 26, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend - 2016

Memorial Day is always one of those bittersweet times.  It's a day we remember loved ones who've passed before us and others who have nobly served our country.  It's also an opportunity to spend some time with your living family and make some great memories, especially in the outdoors.  This year, we made another trip down to Torrey to do both.


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