Box Elder Peak

A quick solo overnighter to summit Box Elder Peak.

Navajo Knobs

Hiking a long awaited destination on Independance Day.

Family Backpacking: Clyde Lake Loop

Going the extra mile with the family to enjoy a beautiful little loop of the Uintas.

Santaquin Peak

A group hike to a beautiful southern wasatch peak.

Memorial Day Weekend

An fun filled memorial day weekend filled with memories and family - past and present.

Backpacking Cassidy Arch

An easy and popular day hike transformed into a backpacking retreat.

Spring Break - Southeast Utah

Exploring ruins, rock art, pioneer history, and visiting four states at once.

Spring Break Recon Trip

Scouting out some destinations with my son for our family's upcoming spring break trip.

Backpacking Cedar Mesa: Road Canyon

A spontaneous trip that was well worth the drive to explore some Cedar Mesa ruins.

Bluff Balloon Fest

Winter camping in the desert with so much more than balloons to see.

Jan 25, 2017

Tabernacle Crater & Meadow Hot Springs

Tabernacle Crater is one of many spots I found through scanning satellite maps. I was looking for places to explore not far off I-15.  I did subsequent research on it, learning of its lava craters and tubes in the process.  Later on I found there to be some nearby hot pots that were open to the public as well.  This is an area that has been on my radar for a couple of years now.  Our family took the opportunity to visit this past September.  I initially wanted to take the family camping in the area but some other things came up and we ended up just making it a day trip instead.

Jan 19, 2017

Uinta Highline Trail - Day 6

Day 6 would mark our final day on the trail.  There were no breathtaking and jaw-dropping views as we had been spoiled with over the last few days.  There were no passes, no storms, no other major drama.  Instead, there was much reflection and celebration.

Jan 18, 2017

Uinta Highline Trail - Day 5

Day 5 marked a new milestone for me, extending the most nights out for me in one trip on the trail to 4.  We made it yet another 2-pass day with both Dead Horse Pass and Rocky Sea Pass.  Other features we'd visit along the way included Dead Horse Lake, Ledge Lake, Helen Lake, Lightning Lake, and Pigeon Milk Spring before settling in for the night at Olga Lake.

Jan 17, 2017

Uinta Highline Trail - Day 4

Day 4 would be the longest and most exhausting day of the trip, yet it also proved to be as fulfilling as any. I was able to make a solo summit up Wilson Peak in the morning before reuniting with the guys to head down Porcupine Pass, cross Oweep Basin, meander through Lambert Meadow, and take shelter from a storm, followed by Red Knob Pass and setting up camp in West Fork Black Fork's basin.  As a group, we put in about 17 miles on the day, plus 2 more for me in the scramble up to Wilson Peak and back.

Jan 12, 2017

Uinta Highline Trail - Day 3

Day 3 on the Highline Trail would take us up the highest pass of the trail and subsequently, the high point of the trip (and the state), Kings Peak. We would then descend Anderson Pass into the Yellowstone drainage on our way to crossing over Tungsten Pass before setting camp near North Star Lake.  We finished the day with about 11 miles, including the side trip up Kings Peak.  This would also be the first of a streak of three two-pass days.

Jan 11, 2017

Uinta Highline Trail - Day 2

After using our first day to actually hike to the Highline Trail, we'd now be on it the rest of the way.  What started out as overcast skies developed into a consistent drizzle as we traveled almost 13 miles, mostly under the cover of trees, to reach our 2nd camp in Painter Basin where skies cleared up a bit and left us with a gorgeous sunset.


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